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Todd Jost

Todd Jost in front of the Birmingham lathe

Jost Welding, Radiator and Machine was founded in 1919 as Jost General Blacksmith.  In the intervening 90+ years of operation the practices and equipment have changed but the core principles of providing timely, accurate and affordable repair and fabrication services have never varied.  Now in its 3rd generation the former Blacksmith shop features modern welding equipment and methods, a radiator and heat exchanger repair specialty and a full machine shop to round out its capacity to serve your needs.
Recently Jost Welding, Radiator and Machine was presented with a Merit Award by the Kansas Department of Commerce.  If you are interested in reading about the award and the other recipients in Hillsboro follow the link to the article in the Hillsboro Free Press.

Three Hillsboro businesses receive KDOC Merit Awards


Todd Jost, Owner
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